Thermablade 2.0

Much work has been completed and we are about to introduce Thermablade 2.0

Advancements made include:

  • Removable battery
  • Team charger
  • New longer lasting battery.
  • Advanced electronics to allow for body function monitoring.
  • Quick charging system
  • Advanced steel.

We are raising the funds now to begin production of Thermablade skates (boot and blade combined) and readying them for a major market launch.

Top 3 benefits of using Thermablades:

1. Improved acceleration in the first 3-5 strides allowing to get to top speed quicker.

2. Improved glide and reduced vibration increases maneuverability allowing for skaters to glide more efficiently, turn with more confidence, have more precise stops, and maintain the sensation of “fresh ice” late into each period. 

3. Perform at close to maximum intensity throughout the entire shift and recover more rapidly in between shifts and after each game. This has obvious benefits for all players to feel fresher and conserve energy, especially in back-to-back game situations and throughout the playoff marathon. 

What the Pro's say